Workforce hiring up 3.9% in July over the previous year; Austin, Denver, & Nashville Continue to see largest gains

Media & Communication, Design, & Corporate Services lead the way in year over year job growth while Health Care remains steady at 6%

Each month, LinkedIn provides its Workforce Report that outlines the monthly and yearly changes in job growth across its platform of over 155 million U.S. profiles.

endevis uses this information to understand potential trends across all industries and to ensure client partners make adjustments based upon market fluctuations.

This month’s report allowed insight into which college markets were seeing the greatest number of its users leaving and to which markets these new grads were migrating.

Hiring Trends

Midwest & Southeast university markets see major exodus through summer months

College towns across the Midwest and Southeast saw the most significant losses.  Wichita (Wichita State), State College (Penn State), College Station (Texas A&M), Bloomington (Indiana University), and Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) are the 5 markets that lost the most users which can most likely be attributed to spring graduations.

MIgration From

Hot markets stay the same

In what seems like a never-ending trend, Austin, Denver and Nashville continue to be the hottest markets in Nashville “Migration To” formula.  Charlotte and Seattle round out the top 5 cities, with Austin’s growth outpacing the rest of the top 5 by nearly 50%.

Migration To

Traditional high-volume workforce industries lose ground

Unfortunately, the news isn’t all good as Energy & Mining, Manufacturing, and Agriculture all saw greater than 5.5% losses year over year.  As earlier mentioned, the Media & Communications industry saw 18.4% growth while Design, Corporate Services, Public Safety, Entertainment, and Software & IT services all saw double-digit growth year over year.  The Health Care, Recreation & Tourism, and Real Estate industries all continue to see consistent growth.

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