21Sep, 2016

Workers Looking To Jump Ship For Better Career Opportunities

September 21st, 2016|Categories: Blogs|

The global labor market is warming up and active job seeking is on the rise, according to CEB, a best practice insight and technology company. In their latest report, global talent monitor data is drawn from CEB’s ‘Global Labor Market Survey,’ which is made up of more than 20,000 employees in 40 countries.

Employees have long believed that the job opportunities they were seeking did not exist in the labor market. However as companies increasingly turn to mass media to promote appealing employment brands and job opportunities, they are being convinced otherwise. Data from CEB’s survey suggests that employees may finally be ready to make a […]

7Apr, 2016

Recruiting Strategies For A Tight Talent Market

April 7th, 2016|Categories: Blogs|

“Feeling pinned down?” read the message targeted at Pinterest employees. “This place driving you mad?” asked the clever riff aimed at Uber workers. If any story demonstrates how far employers will go in today’s fierce war for talent, the tale of Snapchat’s geofilter recruiting campaign is it.

Last fall, Forbes reported that Snapchat had begun using geofilters (overlays that Snapchat users can put on top of images) in an attempt to poach employees from other top startups. Geofilters become available when a user is in a specific location — think Athens, Greece, or Morristown, New Jersey. Or, as it […]

30Mar, 2016

4 Ways To Hire Employees Who Mesh With Your Company Culture

March 30th, 2016|Categories: Blogs|

Creating the perfect culture within your company and then hiring for that culture is nothing if not tough. People mess it up as much as they get it right. That said, you should try these easy fixes if you want to hire more people who will thrive at your organization:

1. Watch Your Tone in Your Job Ads

Your job ad is the first thing a prospective applicant sees. That means it should reflect your company to a T. If your company is casual and relaxed, then a stiffly worded list of responsibilities is going to attract the wrong kind of person.

“With a […]

2Sep, 2015

Spelling Still Important In Texts and Social Media

September 2nd, 2015|Categories: Blogs|

LOL, IDK and BRB mean more than just “laugh out loud,” “I don’t know,” and “be right back.” They are symbolic of the shortcut to communication many millennials are using in their text messages and emails. But as it turns out, these trendy communicators have little tolerance for spelling and grammar errors.

In an online Harris Poll conducted from July 31 to August 4 of 2015, Dictionary.com reports that responders in the 18-34 year age group were bothered – more than any other age group – by spelling errors on social media.

The study cited the […]

3Aug, 2015

How good is your ability to build trust?

August 3rd, 2015|Categories: Blogs|

One of the most important prerequisites for building great professional relationships with team members and stakeholders is trust. Without trust it’s impossible for a project to function effectively as people are unlikely to open up, collaborate and follow someone who they feel they can’t rely on. Trust is essential for working together. Many team members and stakeholders have specialized jobs and responsibilities and the only way to collaborate effectively is to understand each other, which is the core of trust.

For project and change managers a high-trust environment is particularly important, as the very nature of our job is to lead people […]

26Jul, 2015

6 Ways Managing Your Career is Like Riding a Bicycle

July 26th, 2015|Categories: Blogs|

Let’s face it – surviving and thriving in the professional world can be challenging at times.  To be successful over the course of your career, there are many factors which must be considered and there will certainly be adversity along the way. While on a long mountain bike ride recently, I thought about the similarities of traversing the rocky trail I was on and navigating the career path.  I noted several common themes:

1.  You have to keep your balance or you could fall

From the moment you take off the training wheels, it’s all about balance. If you don’t have balance […]

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