People Aren’t the Same.
Your Recruitment Strategy Shouldn’t Be Either.

Where do you really need help? endevis has a flexible solution to fill the gap – large or small.
Adaptable, ideal when seeking flexibility.

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Customized Process At A Glance

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Dedicated recruiter or team of recruiters

We believe trust is the key to a successful RPO partnership. By working with the same team every day, you’ll begin to think of us an extension of your organization.

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Optional ATS & CRM technology

Our experience working across a multitude of recruitment technologies, allows us to be experts. We’ll be able to start working in your ATS on day one.

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Assist in meeting all of your business objectives

There’s more to recruitment than filling job openings. We’ll work with you to understand your objectives and how we can be a part of meeting those.

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Robust reporting & analytics

We’ll provide you with quarterly statistics to help you better understand you market and competition, as well as our successes and failures.

Let’s customize your RPO program today.

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Case Study

Acute Care Nursing Project

Saved 1m Dollars


The largest non-profit healthcare system in Ohio with 23 hospitals and more than 34,000 employees was facing brutal hiring competition, premium acquisition rates, and high turnover.



A project based solution was required to address the critical needs for 119 roles – cascading communication implemented, key metrics established, and 100% team engagement.


Successfully filled 119 roles in 46 calendar days, reduced traveler expenses, and saved $1m.