Wellness program leads to a healthier working environment

Recently, the RPO team in our Maumee, Ohio office worked together to create an internal wellness challenge to drive employee engagement and wellness.  Over the 8 week period, more than half of the office’s employees participated and 60% completed their goals.

The purpose of the wellness program was to educate team members on the current Center for Disease Control standards for health. The team focused on the following categories as part of the wellness program:

Sydney Shuai

Sydney Shuai

  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Exercise

Participants were encouraged to improve their health at their own pace, with the guidance of the CDC standards.  Program leaders Sydney Shuai and Rachel Kreischer felt it was important to find success early then help them to stretch their goals as they improve.

The CDC Standards were chosen because:

  • They are the current health standards for adults in the United States by the federal government

    Rachael Kreischer

    Rachael Kreischer

  • They offer a baseline starting point
  • We wanted everyone to pick only one category to help them focus on one item to get better at before improving in all areas.

I really enjoyed doing the Wellness Challenge. It was a great way to get out and be active with my family. Everyday we walked and explored different parks and trails in the area. It was amazing! – Kimberly Davis

Each participant would select one item to work on during the 8-week wellness challenge.  For each day that the participant hit the CDC standard, they counted toward the challenge.  The team had support group meetings every Monday for 20 minutes to update the board and to talk about challenges they had throughout the week and successes people were finding and awarded participants along the way who were rocking it!

What does endevis do?

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